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texture: bouncy coated clear

scent: twilight rose


texture: pigment putty

scent: sparkling icicles (bergamot citrus)


this slime is very beautiful in the sun, under a flashlight, or direct light in general. be sure to experiment with lighting and angles for the full effect! it reminds me of my mother getting onto me for sitting too close to the tv when i was young. I just wanted to see the “rainbow” 😂 too bad i didn’t have this slime at the time! the texture is similar to heart of te fiti. it’s completely coated and non-tacky. it’s thinner, bouncy and extremely satisfying to poke and pop! due to the thinness, this slime is not as “holdable” as a putty or thick clear slime, meaning it’s best for table or jar play. it will have a slower stretch as well due to the added water content. the scent is on the stronger side. i absolutely love it but would avoid if you’re not into floral scents. to me, it smells like a dark rose in a cold, ancient castle. very specific, i know, but you’ll get the vibe when you smell it! it has fragrance notes of midnight rose, dewy lemon and wild peony


texture:: bouncy coated clear scented twilight rose
texture:: bouncy coated clear scented twilight rose

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All sales are final due to the nature of the product. We do not accept any returns. DO NOT EAT. Slimes may contain small parts. Please keep away from small children, pets, and furniture/fabrics. Handmade slimes melt overtime and require periodic activation. All orders are provided with borax powder to make your own activator. Slimes have a limited lifespan and eventually dry out with excessive play. Please review our "Slime Care" webpage for more information or reach out at pilotslimeshop@gmail.com