Slime Care

Sticky Slime is Normal & Simply the Nature of Homemade Slime!

Slime may stick to your hands. Especially clear slimes as they have natural tackiness. Please create your activator or use your premade bottle to add activator to your hands before playing with slime. Handle slime back and forth between your hands quickly and swiftly or play on a table.

If your slime is sticky, it could be from the weather if it’s hot outside. Place your slime in the fridge before play and then use the one finger poke test to see if it’s still sticky. At that point, add your activator. Homemade slime naturally melts overtime and you will need to periodically activate it to maintain the texture. You can use your activator to make it as stiff or keep it as loose as you’d like.


• keep slime away from clothing, furniture, flooring/carpet, pets, small children, etc.

• always wash your hands before touching slime

• play with slime on a clean, hard surface 

• store slime in its container, in a cool, dry place

• if your hands are on the dryer side, we suggest applying a bit of lotion before playing with slime to avoid stickiness. you can also add activator to your hands directly

• keep some activator on hands when playing with slime, especially if you plan to inflate it. tackiness when inflated is normal.

• when you play with slime, handle it quickly back and forth between your hands. do not just let it sit in your hands. there is no wrong way to play with slime, but you simply cannot just squeeze it and expect it not to stick to you. slime is homemade with glue and it's natural tendency is to stick. cloud cremes are best for beginner slimers, these are basically non-sticky and don't deactivate for the most part.

note: slime has a limited lifespan and is greatly affected by weather (for example, sticky slime is usually melted from heat and hard slime is usually caused by the cold). after receiving your package, check your slime by poking it with one finger to determine it's consistency. if either of the mentioned conditions are present, let your slimes sit in your home for a few hours and then check them again. if conditions are still present, follow the instructions for sticky or hard slime.

it is normal for slime to shrink and/or become hard over time. this is called "killing" a slime, because exposure to air, debris, etc. will decrease it's life--it's simply unavoidable, but you can preserve it as much as you can with proper care. Scents also tend to fade over time. certain slimes are not meant to be holdable (in other words, if your slime is sticky and activator isn’t fixing it, that slime texture may be intended for table play, etc.)

how to make activator

• mix 1 cup of hot water with 1 tsp of borax powder provided 

note: keep your activator for future use! we suggest storing in a spray or water bottle. be sure to mark it as activator to avoid accidental consumption! activator/borax solution is color and odorless!

• add small amounts of activator & knead until smooth (knead slime with beads slowly to avoid fallout) OR you can add activator while slime is in the jar, give it a few pokes, and let it sit until the next day. this is our favorite method because it requires less effort and decreases possibility of losing beads

is your slime hard?

• add clear glue to clear slime and white glue to white slime

• 1-2 pumps of plain lotion can help soften slime or warming it with your hands (do not add lotion to clear slime, it will fog it!)

• glycerin is a great option for softening slime, especially clear slime because it won't fog it. add small amounts at a time and knead until desired texture. if you add too much, simply activate it again

is your slime foggy? (clear slime)

• to make your slime clear up again, simply let it sit for a few days. fogginess is caused by air bubbles being trapped in the slime from play. unfortunately, clear slime is difficult to maintain and consistent play will make it not as clear as when you first received it due to natural oils on your hands and surfaces. please read general tips on how to preserve the life of your slime and always make sure to sanitize your hands and surfaces before play

is your slime crumbly / inconsistent? (cloud slime)

• add 1-2 pumps of plain lotion and knead until smooth

• inconsistent cloud slime is usually underactivated—follow step 2 for sticky slime

how do I inflate my slime?

• Inflating slime is accomplished by trapping as much air into the slime as possible. some slimes are more inflatable than others! the best way to inflate slime is to stretch it over and over without squeezing it for 2-5 minutes. the method that works best is to pull it with both hands. once you've stretched it arms length, separate a thumb from one of your hands and fold the slime over your thumb and repeat the process for a couple minutes until the slime has inflated to your liking. this method is very similar to a taffy puller--your thumb being the "hook."

It wont fit back into the jar

• inflation of slime is normal and in fact, desired! it means more slime--yay! it can be frustrating though when your slime won't fit into it's original container. the best thing to do is squeeze the air bubbles out as much as you can. then place the slime into its jar and set the lid on top without screwing it down. this will allow as much slime to settle into the jar as much as possible. after a few minutes, take the excess slime out and screw on the lid. place the excess into another container or a ziploc bag. wait a day or two and the slime should fit back into the container once it deflates.

My slime has fallout?

Please do not rip your slime. Stretch with it’s resistance and squeeze sides of jars to get dense sand-like slimes out. Fallout can occur with some crunchy textures. I am always transparent about which slimes experience this characteristic. Please be sure to read product descriptions before purchasing in case this is something that bothers you or you can keep up with my IG stories as I always make announcements there too. I recommend playing over a tray or bowl if you experience this. Note that fallout is also a characteristic of a dying slime as all slimes have a limited shelf life depending on how often they’re played with and how well they’re taken care of.