sunshine airport

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*this slime is subject to bead fallout* it’s an advanced texture and i recommend it for experienced slimers only. it’s discounted 2$. my formula is the same as always but these beads are bigger and heavier. if you play with it incorrectly the beads might fall out
texture: jumbo tear bead crunch
scent: crisp morning air

so… when i play with this slime, i don’t have fallout. but if there’s such thing as a professional slimer, i’d consider myself one. i worry it may be difficult for newbies. i recommend this slime for folding and crunching between your hands rather than stretching and inflating. the beads are bigger, therefore heavier. the bulk also makes it difficult to maneuver like a regular slime so i highly recommend using the crunch bomb texture as intended. it truly is so therapeutic and a great couch slime. the beads are smooth and feel amazing on the hands. if you experience any tackiness, give your hands a spritz of activator. i’ve done my best to ensure the perfect activation level but hand texture (sweat or dryness) and outside temps will affect this
the scent is a light and clean, refreshing classic from bbw, perfect for the aesthetic of this slime
it comes with an airplane charm and an option to add the sunshine pin. you can pin it to clothing or bags, it’s multifunctional and so cute 💛
cham choice: sun & airplane
cham choice: sun & airplane

Product information

All sales are final due to the nature of the product. We do not accept any returns. DO NOT EAT. Slimes may contain small parts. Please keep away from small children, pets, and furniture/fabrics. Handmade slimes melt overtime and require periodic activation. All orders are provided with borax powder to make your own activator. Slimes have a limited lifespan and eventually dry out with excessive play. Please review our "Slime Care" webpage for more information or reach out at pilotslimeshop@gmail.com