paprika (pineapple paprika)

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texture: ice cream 

scent: pineapple paprika

this is an icee slime with clay and it’s super airy and lightweight! it’s got a bit of wetness as most icees or snow based slimes do. don’t let that scare you though! it allows the slime to have the *sizzle*. with proper technique, this slime can inflate twice it’s size! you will have two options for the scent: cinnamon buttered rolls is a signature pilot scent featured in a best seller last year. it’s a buttery blend of cinnamon and fresh rolls inspired by texas roadhouse. pineapple paprika is super unique! it’s tropical and fruity but has a spicy, almost bitter (in a good way) undertone. at first i wasn’t sure about it but it’s really really grown on me and i love offering a unique scent to those who are curious. this slime can leave a bit of residue on your hands or under your nails. very typical of snow based textures and can easily come off with a hand wash. (always be sure to wash before and after slime play regardless of texture!)

**its normal for icees to shrink over time


charm?: yes
charm?: yes

Product information

All sales are final due to the nature of the product. We do not accept any returns. DO NOT EAT. Slimes may contain small parts. Please keep away from small children, pets, and furniture/fabrics. Handmade slimes melt overtime and require periodic activation. All orders are provided with borax powder to make your own activator. Slimes have a limited lifespan and eventually dry out with excessive play. Please review our "Slime Care" webpage for more information or reach out at pilotslimeshop@gmail.com