great red spot

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texture: thick jelly

scent: fresh picked apple

i wanted to make the base for a new slime called Jupiter Landing a jelly, but it didn’t really work out with the salt texture. i love this jelly on its own so much, i’ve decided to remake the base for Jupiter Landing and sell this jelly as well. the color comes from the iconic “great red spot” we all associate with Jupiter. the texture is a juicy and super thick jelly slime. it’s not coated to keep the thickness so if you enjoy inflating slimes, keep some activator on hand. the scent is not a sour apple, more of a sweet and tangy. it’s delicious!

Product information

All sales are final due to the nature of the product. We do not accept any returns. DO NOT EAT. Slimes may contain small parts. Please keep away from small children, pets, and furniture/fabrics. Handmade slimes melt overtime and require periodic activation. All orders are provided with borax powder to make your own activator. Slimes have a limited lifespan and eventually dry out with excessive play. Please review our "Slime Care" webpage for more information or reach out at pilotslimeshop@gmail.com