cinderella's slipper

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texture: clear glue glass sand

scent: crisp morning air (very lite)

*THIS SLIME IS SUBJECT TO FALLOUT! please only purchase if you’re okay with this*

if you enjoyed slime of a killer, you’re gonna like this one! it comes in 5 oz. unfortunately this slime is ridiculously expensive for me to make so the price does reflect this. when i’ve sold it in the past, it’s been widely loved, even despite the fallout! i provide you a good amount of base to try and keep those beads in and they’re very tiny so not a choking hazard for children or pets. you can always play over a bowl or tray if needed. the texture itself is extremely heavy, dense and satisfying to play with! it takes a bit of warming up as the sand layer sinks to the bottom. once mixed, it becomes a satisfyingly gritty textural experience for the hands. i know the fallout could be a deterrent but i truly do recommend you try it if you’re considering! the base is also absolutely beautiful. be sure to take a video of it in a dark room with flash camera. you won’t regret it! the scent is very very light to avoid worsening that fallout. it’s a classic bath and body works scent with notes of crisp fall breeze, golden amberwood and juicy apple


charm + add ins: yes
charm + add ins: yes

Product information

All sales are final due to the nature of the product. We do not accept any returns. DO NOT EAT. Slimes may contain small parts. Please keep away from small children, pets, and furniture/fabrics. Handmade slimes melt overtime and require periodic activation. All orders are provided with borax powder to make your own activator. Slimes have a limited lifespan and eventually dry out with excessive play. Please review our "Slime Care" webpage for more information or reach out at pilotslimeshop@gmail.com